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We offer a variety of strains to choose from. Each bag contains 300 capsules.

  • Thai kratom is the most energetic effects of all kratom strains, but it also has less of the pain-relieving potential of many other kratom strains. It is these energetic qualities that make Thai kratom highly effective for focus and endurance.
  • Bali, If you are looking for anxiety relief or help sleeping, then Bali is the best kratom for these ailments.
  • Gold Maeng Da, primarily known to improve energy and mood, it also acts as an effective analgesic by relieving users of pain. The Gold Maeng Da extract is very much suited for people who work for long hours.
  • Vietnam, used for pain relief and is very relaxing. Can be used to help your mood and sleep.
  • Indo, known for increasing relaxation, relieving pain, and promoting feelings of well-being.


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